Our Beloved Mother, M.K.M. Jayaseeli Beevi (May 05, 1952 – April 12, 2021), was born in a conservative historic village called Puduppattinam, Ramnad District, Tamil Nadu, South India. She was born in the dynasty of S.K.M. Aliyar, her maternal grandfather. Her father, Mr. K.M.S. Mustafa and her mother, S.K.M. Ayisama, were also from the ancient village of Puduppattinam. She was married to our father, Mr. M.K.M. Kabeep Marakkayar, the only son of Honorable. M.K.M. Mohamed Marakkayar Thambi, District Court Judge and the Landlord of 26 villages around the district, on March 11, 1967.

Puduppattinam is a beautiful village on the Bay of Bengal, which is only 40 kilometers from Ceylon across the ocean. We call our beloved mother Thayima. She had brought six children and eight grandchildren into this world and raised them successfully. To describe in one word, she was an iron horse. She was tough, strong, bold, knowledgeable, helpful, supportive. She educated the conservative young girls from the village to read and write. She was an amazing personality with excellent leadership skills.

She used to counsel any family and social conflicts and brought solutions to many problems in people’s lives. She was very social and down-to-earth. She moved cordially with the vegetable and fish vendors, housemaids, grocery store owners, and pharmacy people. She never discriminated against people based on their physical, social, and financial status. She loved and respected people and valued them as humans. She lived a legendary life, went through extreme hardships, worked hard, and sacrificed every bit of her being, including her comfort, strength, health, love, and life for her children, until she took her last breath.

Thayima traveled internationally, including to the United States (Texas), Canada (Quebec), and the UK (London), and visited her grandchildren. She loved nature, especially plants and trees. She had a green thumb, and whatever she touched became green and fruit-bearing. With her physical and mental strength and extremely strong perspectives in life, we thought she would live beyond 100 years. Indeed, she lives beyond any age, both in our lives and the universe, except in her body. We still feel her unique love, care, joy, and comfort, and we terribly miss her commanding tone and persuading physical presence. Thayima is with us every moment, and in her own ways, she is guiding us through our dreams and showing us what to do when we have to make important decisions in life.

Dear Thayima, please continue to stay with us as always. We know for sure you would never ever leave your children, and that’s how much you love us.

Our Memories

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