It’s Mike Filsaime here and

It’s Mike Filsaime here and did you know that the most effective way to sell anything – the way with the highest close rates – is one-to-one…personal selling?

That’s because a real live person can answer the buyer’s questions.

And if they know the right answers (like all good sales people do), they’re going to have a high close rate.

But, one-to-one selling is expensive, so it is only practical for very high end sales.

However, there is a way to automate the interactivity, bring the costs down drastically, and achieve close to the same results: chat bots.

This is a relatively new technology that lets you pre-program questions and answers so your customers are able to ask questions and get answers before they decide to buy.

And when you can answer their questions, they are much more likely to buy because they need those answers before making their decision.

Chances are you already know what questions they’re likely to ask and how to answer them to their satisfaction.

Now all you have to do is put that Q&A into a chat bot and watch your sales soar.

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